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Care Instructions For Your Lava Rock Bead Jewelry

So, you bought your first Lava Rock Bead jewelry or received it as a gift. Now, you’re wondering how to care for your new piece of jewelry.

Care Instructions For Your Lava Rock Bead Jewelry from RMJETdesigns

First of all, Lava Rock Beads are a natural rock. They are formed from the lava of volcanoes, drilled, and processed. However, even though these rocks are all natural, it is suggested to not get them wet. In my personal experience I have never had a problem with swimming, showering, and running in the rain while wearing my  Lava Rock Bead anklet or bracelet.

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If you received your Lava Rock Bead jewelry from RMJETdesigns, more than likely it was created with hemp (our favorite fiber to work with). Remember: Hemp wears in, not out. Over time the hemp will soften as it is worn.

To care for your Lava Rock Bead Jewelry, it is suggested to remove it prior to getting it wet. However, as stated above, I’ve never had a problem. It’s your decision. Remove it or not?

What do you think? Do you remove your Lava Rock Bead jewelry prior to showering, swimming, running in the rain? Let me know in the comments below: