About RMJET designs

“We began this creative journey 26 years ago when we first married and we’ve been going strong ever since!”

Hello! My name is Melissa and I’m half of this creative team. I do the blogging, photography, listing, and behind the scenes work.

We create ALL THE THINGS and enjoy every minute of it! We opened our Etsy Shop in 2014, but, as it goes, life got in the way and we decided to close it. NOW it is 2018 and we are ready for NEW BEGINNINGS! We are here and ready to offer our creations to you!

Our handmade artisan created items are made with lots of love, kindness, and good vibes right here in our Midwest home! (Well, sometimes we do argue about designs, but, hey, after 26 years that’s okay, right?)

He creates all the LEATHER work and I create the HEMP goodies! All our work is created right here in our home studio located in Northeast Ohio.

ALL the hemp yarn you see in use in my creations is HAND DYED by me! There are no two colors alike (I couldn’t repeat them if I tried). My yarn is dyed in small batches using eco friendly dyes and mordants. Enjoy your HEMPY hats - they are NATURAL and EARTH Friendly!

Hmmm... what else would you like to know about us? Let’s see... we do a little homesteading, gardening, and love our backyard chickens! I’m learning about canning and preserving. 

Follow along as we share our lives, creations, and some behind the scenes action on Instagram: @RMJETdesigns